AYTAÇ AKYUDUM GIDA SAN ve TİC.A.Ş. was established in 1994 by local entrepreneurs, and acquired by YIMPAŞ HOLDING on 30.06.1997.

Our water spring, located at the District Hendek of the Province Sakarya, was packed as Natural Spring Water till 2008, and in March 2008 it was patented by the Ministry of Health as ‘’ Natural Mineral Water’’. Bottled by using fully automatic machines untouched by human hands, without intervention in the nature of the spring and under hygienic conditions, into PETcups, PET- bottles and gallon bottles.

At our production site in Yozgat/ District Çağlayan, established in 2008, water from our spring - also patented by the Ministry of Health as ‘’ Natural Mineral Water’’- is bottled into PET- cups, PET- bottles and gallon bottles.

Sour-Cherry-, Peach-, Apricot-, Orange-, Mixed, Red Mix Nectar and %100 Apple Juice sorts are produced at our production site for fruit juice, and bottled into 1/1 lt and 1/5 lt aseptic Tetra Pak.

​Akyudum; is increasing it’s market share in the sector with Natural Mineral Water, Fruit Nectar, Semi- Skimmed Milk and Fruit Juice products.

Our production sites are inspected once a quarter by the Provincial Public Health Directorates, and annually by the Public Health Institution. Samples are taken from our production sites once a week, from our sales points across Turkey 4-5 times per month by the Provincial Public Health Directorates.

Beside these, inspections are conducted once a year by the Turkish Standards Institution and TUV, and twice a year by independent inspectors of the sales points.

And beside external inspections, our daily, weekly, monthly and annual internal control mechanism on our production sites keeps the product quality and standards of hygiene under control by three microbiological and chemical analyses per day.


The water spring of our production site in the district HENDEK of the province SAKARYA is located between Bolu-Akyazı - wellknown worldwide for its water sources - on the Keremali mountains, 600 m above see level. Akyudum Water arrives completely natural at our production site, protected against all kind of industrial and agricultural activity, and is bottled under hygienic conditions, untouched by human hands. Our production site, established on an area of total 79.000 m2, with 13.500 m2 indoor area, and a production capacity of 1.000 tons/day attained a place in the sector of bottled water; available in 200cc - 250cc - 300cc pet mug bottles, 0,33lt - 0,5 lt - 1,5 lt - 5 lt - 10 lt – 19lt pet bottles and 19 lt P.C. gallon bottles.


Our production site, located in the district ÇAYIRALAN of the province YOZGAT bottles water from the spring Kaynarpınar, without disturbing its nature. At our production site, established on an area of total 65.000 m2, with 4.550 m2 indoor area, and a production capacity of 700 tons/day, water is bottled in 200cc - 250cc mugs, 0,5 lt - 1,5 lt - 10 lt pet bottles and 19 lt P.C. gallon bottles.


Our fruit juice production site, established on a total area of 60.000 m2, with a 15.000 m2 indoor area, has a production capacity of 100 tons/ day, with tetra pak packaging under aseptic conditions. Our production site produces 200 cc Sour Cherry, Peach, Apricot, Orange, Mixed Nectar – 1000 cc Sour Cherry, Peach, Apricot, Orange, Mixed Nectar, Red Mix Nectar and 100% Apple Juices.


Enjoy drinking water from a pet-cup, with the smallest family members of Akyudum our 200-250 and 300cc bottles, mainly sold in restaurants and Cafés.

To meet your daily water and mineral requirements, you can carry Akyudum Water easily
with you around the clock, or keep it on your desk.

Because of its practical and easy use and easy portability, Pet-Bottle Water is with you wherever you need it - at home, workplace and picnic…

Gallon Bottled Water; we carry the unique beauty of the nature to your workplace and home with our extensive service network , and qualified, fast service.

Sour Cherry Nectar
Sour Cherry juice, a vitamin and mineral source, regulates the Melatonin hormone, protects the biological clock and regulates its rhythm, and is a powerful weapon, protecting against febrile diseases.

Peach Nectar Apricot Nectar
Peach Nectar, characterised by its content of the vitamines A, B3 and C, helps to strengthen the immune system and facilitates and helps digestion.

Apricot Nectar
Experts state, that one glass apricot nectar per day, covers the large part of the daily vitamin requirement, and leads to a healthy and shiny skin.

Orange Nectar
Orange, which is rich in vitamins C and B, strengthens the immune system and lends dynamic to human. Blood purification and a better functioning of the liver are some of the benefits of oranges.

Mixed Nectar
Fruits as mango, guava and ananas, which are not easy to find in Turkey, are served with Akyudum Mixed Fruit Nectar on your dinner table.

Red Mix Nectar
Apple, grape, sour cherry, red currant, pomegranate, raspberry and elderberry. Red fruits are rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, folic acid, fiber and anthocyanidins, which are necessary for human health.

%100 Apple Juice
Get rid of toxins with our 100% apple juice, produced with apple - a very strong antioxidant – with no added sugar.


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